3 Tips for Managing a Side Hustle + Full Time Job

By Jaychrist Teves

What is Side Hustle?

The term “side hustle” has been gaining popularity for a while now and refers to a project you pursue in addition to your 9-to-5 job.
A side hustle may or may not bring in income. Side hustlers are mainly looking to explore an interest, hone their skills, and share their work while growing an audience.

I believe that many of us are looking for a side hustle or on to it for a quite some time now.
Even me is not exempted — I worked on side hustles both while in school and while working full-time jobs.

Many people think that having a side hustle can be very difficult and can do damage to your school or your work performance due to their time requirements; however, if you manage your time effectively, only benefits result. While side hustling in college, I still managed to passed my major subjects in Computer Science degree, while building my portfolio alongside my full-time job, I was recognized for different achievements.

Here are my 3 tips to managing your side hustle alongside a full-time job:

N1. Think of a side hustle that won’t take too much of your time: Having a side hustle that will take too much of your time is not ideal. Make sure that when you’re brainstorming of ideas for your side hustle you want to pursue, it won’t take your own time nor will not require you to be on that particular place. Instead, think of a side hustle that can be worked on your own time, like after work or on the weekends.

For example, I am currently doing my passion project to help our creative community here in the Philippines. I set myself to create a podcast and write valuable topics for the Creative Professional every week. Alongside, I am also building my design portfolio sharing ideas and works on my Dribbble Profile. I only worked on this on weekends or after work which doesn’t require my physical appearance.

N2. Be an Essentialist. Learn to say “NO”: When I started to do my side hustles, most of my engagement won’t fit on my schedules and it’s hard to say no. Like when someone invited me to hang out on a weekend or after work. At first, it’s hard to say no. But somehow, I overcome those weekend party’s invitation by setting up my priorities and focus on the things that I really love the most.

N3. Never Stop Learning: Any side hustle you want to pursue needs your time and effort. Learning something every day is exciting, you just need to start something and sacrifice weekend parties. It’s not always about the money to pursue a side hustle. What you can learn in your endeavor can be one of your best motivation and inspiration to do what you need to do.

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

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Have an awesome week!


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