I Did Cycling For 30-days: Here’s What I’ve Learned

By Jaychrist Teves

First of all, this is something that I’ve been thinking for a while now and I finally did it!  Been doing some exercise before the year 2019 starts but, like any other people I know, I don’t find myself committing on it. I hate it and I end up skipping my dates to the gym.

But in some instances, I got an idea one day, if I did a 30-days challenge myself? Is it really effective? Will it really make my life, business and overall well-being BETTER? Well… There’s only one way to find out and that is to try it and experience that for myself.

The Starting Point

It started when my brother that is now into fitness (bodybuilding) introduced me to cycling. He inspired me in a way that I can’t never imagine. One day, he asked me to buy his mountain bike. Since he does not use it anymore because of his busy schedules.

Anyway, he is consistently hitting the gym and looks like in a very good shape now so, he thinks that he doesn’t need it anymore. So, without thinking it twice, I bought it!

At that time, been playing with the idea to do a 30-days challenge since, I’ve been seeing it changing a lot of people lives especially in health. One of the Creatives I consistently see, doing contents about it and maximizing its potential is Matt D’ Avella of The Ground Up Show (for sure you’ve heard his name before. His content are badass) & he is one of the best podcasters on self-help and business category on iTunes. Been seeing some of his results after doing a 30DayChallenge and that’s pretty awesome. So, I want to try it as well and prove something for myself, that I can do it too.

The Rules

I’m not really sure if there’s any other rules than doing a certain activity within 30-days. I personally believe that’s the only rule unless you want to re engineered it? But, for me the best part of the challenge is to share what you’ve learned at the end of the month and that’s makes it sound more exciting.

As you might know, I’m BIG with educating oneself and helping other creatives dispel their roadblocks along the journey. I believe this small challenges will be a big help for them especially if I can encourage at least one-person to take action.

Other than that, I want to give it a little more spice and add some of my spin for this kind of challenges. So, as part of the rule I’ll share my experiences, what I’ve learned, why you should try it or why not and, lastly ask myself if I’ll continue doing it as a habit or stop it after 30days? That’s something you should find out on this article. So, keep reading…

Sharing My Experience

If you knew me personally, you should already know that I’m constantly improving any area of my life whether in relationships, financially, life works or even getting in shape.

So, one of the things that I’ve been doing constantly last month (June in particular) is Cycling. I’ve committed myself to do this challenge for the whole month of June, as an experiment to know what are the effects if I did cycling for 30-days?

It’s not an easy thing to do for sure. But, it’s a freaking awesome experience that led me to whole new discoveries on how it affects my focus, creativity, and productivity. Breaking some old habits is not an easy task and it takes tons of cringy talks with yourself. As much as it sounds dumb. It’s a miserably beautiful experience.

In addition to that, the first few weeks was really a misery. The response of my body was like unacceptable. I keep hearing to myself that I can always do this tomorrow. Why not do it tomorrow?

F*ck! Its half of the year now and I don’t want to waste my time, so I just did it! I grab my bike and ride it as much as I can and before I knew it, I hit my 30-days goal and rode over 200KM in a month. Wow! The best part was that I’m still enjoying it and I never knew that I was creating a good habit.

How It Affects My Creativity?

There’s a ton of research how cycling can be really beneficial not only physically but mentally as well. I can confidently say that it really improves how I breath. Before, walking a long distance for me is a pain in the ass, like in about ½ or 1KM of walk I gasp AF. It sucks!

Now, like what I’ve said it also affects how our mind works. For my personal experience, I had  a great focus a night after a good ride with my bike. It gives me the power to focus on the tasks that day, instead of finishing it within 3 hours, it gives me the boost to finished it within an hour. I might say 30-40% improvement with my focus.

Although, I just made those numbers. I really believe that it improves how I solve a certain problems and gives me more space to inhale new ideas since most of the time I’m riding my bike on a really relaxed places like parks with lots of trees around me. I think that’s really help me to overcome uncertainty and just feel the moment while breathing the air.

Why You Should Try It?

You should try it if you’re like me who loves cycling (did I mentioned that I do some sports long long time ago like BMX?) so, I think that’s one big factor to consider. You should love to ride bikes and of course, you should know how to ride and balance yourself.

Why You Should Not?

If you’re not keen about your safety with cycling, I must say that you shouldn’t try it. Safety is the most important thing with cycling. 

You should wear a proper cycling attire, closed shoes and a helmet to make sure you’re safe for any instances. Especially if you’re aiming on doing a long kilometer ride. Again, make yourself safe at any cost.

Will I Continue Cycling As A Habit?

Absolutely! In fact, I’ve been listing more places that I want to visit here in the South then thinking to go North on the next few month. So, I’m really stoked to continue it and keep riding as a part of my habit if not everyday. It can be during the weekends or holidays. I don’t want to say that I’ll do it everyday like what I did for the past 30-days but, I’ll make sure to keep at it as part of my exercise and weekly routine.

So, that’s it! That is really it is. If you read this whole thing. Thanks a ton! You’re amazing!

I hope you learned at least one-or-two from this experiment. If you want to join me it’s not too late just, hit me up on my social media channels and would love to have you on our next ride. 

So, before I end this article. Here’s a quote that I’ve been repeating myself every time I want to quit out there and I learned this from a very good friend Jaztin, who’s also been mentoring me some proper techniques on Cycling — “Rest but, don’t you never ever quit.”

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