By Jaychrist Teves

I Ditch Coffee For 30-days: Here’s What I’ve Learned

I know a ton of people loves drinking coffee and it’s something I fall in love with as well for the past 5 years. It’s my energy booster, productivity booster and even my drug to keep me awake when there’s a ton of things that needed to get done.

I’ll admit I’m a coffee addict. Can you believe that I drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day? I can’t believe either.

Until one-day the reality hits me. I feel consistent pain at the bottom right side of my back, and occasionally having some acid reflux. The effects are not only physical pains but affect my sleeping habits as well, which worsen the stress level (we know that not having enough sleep. Is bad).

I could never imagine without coffee after waking up and couldn’t see my self stopping it drastically. But, when I committed to really ditch coffee in my system. That’s where the real magic happened — that’s where I turned to drink from 5 cups coffee a day to zero caffeine at all. It’s never an easy task though. Before I started, I asked myself if it’s really possible? But, that only way to find out is to try it. So, it’s time to challenge myself again.

I know that there’s a ton of articles, news and published studies about coffee that proved a lot of benefits with our body when drinking coffee. But, let’s face it. Even though there’s a lot of benefits on drinking coffee there are some health benefits as well when we ditched coffee. And that’s what I found out with this amazing experiment.

What’s this experiment you’re talking about?

So, I started a 30day challenge inspired by some of the great leaders in the health and self-help industry. It’s basically a challenge where you create or break a certain habit (well, that’s from my understanding. Not really sure if this is the definite rule) But, I did it anyway and start doing it where I did a 30day challenge on cycling last June.

I learned a lot from that and I feel that I want to do it more.

The next challenge

So, I did a challenge of ditching my coffee drinking habit for the month of July and that’s turned out really great, that’s why I’m sharing these learning to you that hopefully inspire or somehow motivates to create a new habit. Because I personally believe that it only takes 30days to make or break any habits (we should all know that habits are the best way to reframe our body and mind to whatever extent it may be).

The 5 Health Benefits after Ditching Coffee

I’m glad that I was able to commit myself on doing this. Since I’ve been pretty passionate about sharing my journey to everyone who might find these things hard or challenging. One word I can say for everyone there “It’s freaking possible” and I’m excited to share what I observed within my body and mind after doing this. So, without further a due. Here are the benefits:

1. Relieve lower back pain and acid reflux

After, ditching coffee for over 2 months now while avoiding any acidic food or liquids, I never had any case again of acid reflux and lower back pain which a symptom of kidney infection has gone away. It’s weird and I’ve just realized that before, I don’t feel any thirstiness as my intake of water decreased. But, now I am pretty sure that I drink a ton of water in replace of caffeine which is pretty cool.

2. Reduce stress levels

I’ve read that drinking lots of coffee promotes the release of the stress hormones which is not good. How I wished, I knew this before but, I’m pretty addicted to drinking coffee where I’ve no time to ask some experts or do some research about it. It’s sucks because I’ve just realized that that’s the main reasons why it increases my heart rate, blood pressure, and tension levels. Now, I feel pretty calm and thankfully still free from a high blood disease.

3. Sleep better at night

I might say that it really improved how I sleep and I’m more and more getting intentional on giving myself the right time to sleep and get better sleep. If I could say one of the best things I’ve picked up in this experiment is to not consuming caffeine late in the day.

4. Feel less anxious

I’ve learned that caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands (it’s a part of our kidney that can be found above of it) it’s basically one of the gland that produces steroid hormones. Now, that is something we should take note as it sounds bad for us. But, one thing I know for sure that based on my experience quitting coffee can make you feel less anxious, especially if you are prone to anxiety issues.

5. Ditch extra LBS

Now, this is something interesting as I’m trying to get back in shape again. I never knew that it was helpful for this as we might know that every latte contains many calories. Unless you drink only black coffee which I’m not. I like my coffee a little creamier and I have sweet tooth as well, that’s why it’s bad.

So, that’s it! If you’re still reading this, thank you so much. I hope you’ve learned something new from this experience and pretty crazy experiment. If you’ll ask me if I’ll drink coffee again. I might say, not this time. I’ve been fully committed with my health and probably stick with that habit for a long long time. Unless you buy me a coffee? Just kidding.

Stay awesome!

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