5 Rules To Win The Day

By Jaychrist Teves

With so much hate and violence floating around us in the past few weeks. I wanted to shift and add a little bit love with this newsletter. My intention is to give you an idea and add a little brightness to the bigger pictures of what’s happening right now.

So, today I’ll share you some of the rules I followed from the great Gary Vaynerchuk, if you haven’t heard of him go and check him up. He has great content that can change your perspective into an actionable one. Whether you’re in a creative field or in a tech industry. Starting out or a professional. He’s the Man!

N1. Be Confident

Most of you will agree that, as we grow up we have a low self-esteem. Even I suffered on this. But, we need to realized that having this is one way to change ourselves. We can’t inspire someone
or change the world if you don’t have this number one rules on the list. “Confidence is Overrated.”

N2. Positive Vibes Only

With all that’s happening right now? It’s hard I know. But, you have a choice to change it. Change the negatives thoughts into positive one, if we can’t eliminate the negatives then we can’t eliminate all the challenges that heading our way.

N3. Strengths Over Weaknesses

Ask yourself, what are your strengths? And what are your weaknesses? Assessing yourself gives you the power to control on how you can execute your action towards your goals. Always, remember that weaknesses can be your strengths. It’s a big puzzle out there but you will find out what strengths you possessed eventually.

N4. Legacy > Currency

This is a little bit hard to do, right? I know. We need money to execute something, like this blog. I need money for maintenance. The hosting, the domain not to mention the time and effort I exert Every day. I worked 18 hours a day in research, learning and creating content every week. There was a time, some are grossly underestimating my sincerity where they ask to put ads on my space. Off course, I don’t agree. I hate ads. I can probably talk whole day why I hate it. But, the main reason of all this is I like to create value. It’s always a great feeling when someone gives you a great feedback along the way and it’s enough for me at this point of time.

N5. Hustle

This is one of the things we need to embrace as a person, as designer or as an entrepreneur. We need to work hard as much as possible to make ourselves better and help others to pursue on what they are really passionate at. It’s always falls on our greater perspective and hustling is the game. Don’t forget to execute it.

“Convert Negative into Positive”

Hope you find value on this work. Please let me know your feedback, I’ll be very grateful to know that.

Have an awesome week!



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