Here’s a list of personal recommendation that helped me shape my thinking and challenge me to act upon it. These books tremendously changed the way I approach life, career, and business. Hopefully, each of these will provide value for you as well and feel free to check it. I’m updating this regularly once I acquired a new and interesting book.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less By Greg Mckeown

If you found yourself stretched too thin, feel overworked and underutilized. This book is for you. It’s involves doing less, but better, so you can make the highest possible contribution. It help me as well to improve my decision making process. 

The Design of Everyday Things By Don Norman

This is about how design serves as the communication between object and user, and how to optimize that conduit of communication in order to make the experience of using the object pleasurable. I personally love this book and highly encourage y’all to read it specially if you’re doing a project enhancing user experience.

Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

A sprint is a process for solving a business challenge in a week. The idea is that without the distractions of working on several projects at once, a small group of the right people can resolve a difficult problem in significantly less time.

Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All

Too often, companies and individuals assume that creativity and innovation are the domain of the “creative types.” But two of the leading experts in innovation, design, and creativity on the planet show us that each and every one of us is creative. 

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

In this book, Sinek starts with a fundamental question: Why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others? Why do some command greater loyalty from customers and employees alike? This book answered these interesting questions.

Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk

In this lively, practical, and inspiring book, Gary dissects every current major social media platform so that anyone, from a plumber to a professional ice skater, will know exactly how to amplify his or her personal brand on each. 

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

When Mr. Kleon was asked to address college students in upstate New York, he shaped his speech around the ten things he wished someone had told him when he was starting out. The talk went viral, and its author dug deeper into his own ideas to create Steal Like an Artist, the book. 

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto lays out twelve steps—in the form of proclamations—that owners of creative businesses can take to distance themselves from their competition, regain the high ground in their client relationships and learn to win business without first parting with their thinking or writing lengthy proposals.

From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: Disruptive Innovation in the Age of the Internet

John Naughton is The Observer‘s “Networker” columnist, a prominent blogger, and vice president of Wolfson College, Cambridge. In From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg, Naughton explores the living history of one of the most radically transformational technologies of all time.

**In the spirit of full disclosure, this article contains one or more affiliate links, which means that I may get a small commissions if you decide to purchase any of these products from Amazon. Of course, I only recommend products & services that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands.
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