Jaychrist Teves

⚬ 5+ years crafting content for jaychristteves.com

⚬ Teaches creativity, innovation, & entrepreneurship through workshops at different schools, organization, and well known companies here in the Philippines.

⚬ 10+ years in the field of design, crafting functional and meaningful experiences for various brands and digital products


Solving business problems and designing difficult concepts or ideas  for business application is Jay’s specialty, which he has honed over the years beginning while he is taking his computer science degree. Since then, his outlets for developing that specialty have been generated a stream of income from his own creative business, teaching other people in the Philippines, creating meaningful contents for his Podcast, and writing articles on his personal blog on topics related to design, essentialism, entrepreneurship, and creativity.


Jaychrist received his bachelor’s in computer science from Cavite State University – Silang, Campus.

Quote from Jaychrist Teves

“If you tap into your natural creativity, you have a chance to be extraordinary.”

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