How do you know if I’m an essentialist?

By Jaychrist Teves

If you’re trying to create a less BS and better environment whether on doing your job, tasks, managing your business or life  in any possible ways you can ever imagine you’re an essentialist. I strongly believe that being an essentialist is not a title but instead a lifestyle. You built it by ditching unnecessary things you can think of, not giving a f*ck if there’s something happened that you can’t literally control, and most importantly making things a little bit better not only for yourself but for those people that surrounds you (if not making the world a better place).

I get it, I want to be an essentialist. How to become one?


  1. Journal every day

I highly recommend to write every morning when you wake up. And, start sharing your personal stories on Medium or any digital platform you can think that is suited for your personal journey.

  1. Saying no to more clients that aren’t the best fit

You should create more room to enjoy your nights and weekends. If a client doesn’t fit with your personality, then it probably won’t be a long-term client either way. As I’ve always said, stop looking for MORE clients but instead look for BETTER clients.

  1. Stop checking your emails on Weekends

If the weekend is your only days that you do not work. I can imagine that you only get two days a week for yourself or your family, so make sure you cherish it.

  1. Live in the moment

Be intentional on using your social media accounts. If you’re always checking for notification while eating breakfast or dinner with your loved ones, maybe it’s time to focus more on the important things in life. You got that, do you?

  1. Sleep 8 hours every night

I get it, you have a very demanding job, you have a very hectic schedule at school, or you might even have to manage multiple businesses at the moment.

You might write it off and tell yourself, “this is what entrepreneurship is all about.” It’s the hustle. The grind. The feeling-like-you’re-drowning.

I do believe in grinding. Focusing and working really hard to achieve your goals, it will certainly take sacrifice and hard work.

But I also think there’s something to be said for having a healthy lifestyle while you grind on your business or career. When you take care of yourself, your business will do better. Because YOU’RE doing better.​

  1. Stick to 5:00 AM work routine

It doesn’t matter, if you’re a seasoned creative professional, entrepreneur or you work a 9-to-5 job while trying to manage different side hustles. I discovered that you should find the most productive time for your body and mind. In my case, it’s in the morning so I’ve turned my morning routine into getting all the things I need to do at this time.

  1. Celebrate small wins

The expectations you have for yourself, your career, and personal life sometimes seem unattainable. By celebrating small wins, you keep yourself grounded and positive. It’s a way of saying thank you to yourself and expressing gratitude to anyone who invested their money to you.

  1. No more multitasking

For me, multitasking is a way of procrastination. One thing that I’m sure of is, it does not contribute well to your performance or anything in between. So, please stop using your phone and set aside looking on your friends profile to actually get all your shits done. Simple isn’t it?

  1. Make exercising fun again

Exercise. PERIOD! Our brains work better when our bodies are moving. I highly recommend cycling, it’s pretty obvious that it’s very beneficial to your physical entity and it will surprise you because you can actually build your resilience when taking a very long course. At the end, it’s all about being the one who gives the most results and not being the first one who finished the race.

  1. Slow down

If you feel like you’re moving too fast. Slow down my friends it’s a sprint not a race. Take time today to do each of these things. You’ll thank yourself when you see the positive effects in your business or career.

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