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**ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN!... In the spirit of full disclosure, this contains limited offer of my podcasting made easy 1-on-1 mentorship program valued $1200+ (₱61,308.00) that I'm selling for only $79.13(₱3,885.00) you can click the secured checkout button below the FREE podcast training on how and why to launch a podcast video. But, if you're not keen with this kind of offer just skip it and watched the video. No hard-feelings. Although, I'm here to convince you how effective the program is but, my way of doing that is by being fully honest, transparent, and helpful for your financial and creative freedom journey. Stay awesome & enjoy learning! You can also click here to read the full article I wrote.

Need an accountability partner that will teach you all of these?

Get ready to ACTUALLY get things done, you are about to learn:

The Basics

You'll have your niche topic, basic requirements, podcast host setup and much more by the end of module 1.

Best Podcast Gear

What equipment you need & why you need it. Don't waste hours browsing Amazon trying to figure it out.

Find Your Guest

Learn how to find an unlimited pool of guest, reach out to them, and how to automate the entire process .

Automating Workflow

Learn the exact process, step-by-step, that I use to record, edit, and release 2 episodes every week with a day job.

How To Edit

In-depth, step-by-step videos on how to edit a podcast so that your listeners will think it was done by a pro.

Promoting Podcast

I'll detail the approaches that the top podcasters in the world are using to launch and scale brand new podcasts.

How To Get Reviews

Reviews can be the lifeblood of your podcast. I'll detail how you can land amazing 5-star reviews from the start.

How To Monetize

We will deep dive into the top strategies for turning your podcast into a cash generating machine.

Track Podcast Rank

Automatically monitor the success of your podcast by tracking the rank each day and have it sent to you.

Total Value: $1200+ (₱61,308.00)

Get started for just $79.13 (₱3,885)

Take action FAST! Enrollment is on-going.

Pricing & Features

What Does Mentoring Look Like?

Weekly recorded sessions (so you don’t have to take notes) and shared to you after the meeting. Each call will have a clear agenda with actionable steps that you can implement as soon as possible. 

A typical call is 30 minutes You can email me in between our time together and I will reply within 24-48 hours. In some cases, I may answer in video format to illustrate a point to help you sharpen your vision and purpose, I have some worksheets to fill out when we first start out that help you identify the path to success. When your episodes are created I will listen to them and let you know what you’re doing correctly and what you may need to tweak.

Who's Gonna Teach You These?


Solving business problems and designing difficult concepts or ideas for business application is Jaychrist’s specialty for the past 10+ years as a creative, which he has honed over the years beginning while he is taking his computer science degree in college. Since then, his outlets for developing that specialty have been generated a stream of income from his own creative business, teaching other people in the Philippines how to turn their lives around through creativity and innovations, creating meaningful contents for his Podcast, and writing articles on his personal blog on topics related to design, essentialism, entrepreneurship, and creativity. 

Host of The Design Life Show Podcast, Jaychrist Teves


Of course yes! I truly believe that everyone is a creative. I strengthen my idea on that after reading it from IDEO founders, David M. Kelley and Tom Kelley on their book called “Creative Confidence”. Whatever degree, or profession you have right now, you can join this podcast mentorship program. It’ll be worth the investment. No BS! 

This is one of the sections in the Podcast Mentorship Program – picking your niche topic. I will walk through how you can come up with an ideas, in an area you are hyper passionate about, that will resonate with listeners around the globe.

Yes, and so much more. I will walk you through the EXACT process I use to edit episode of my podcast, The Design Life Show. And don’t be intimidated, it’s a basic process that produces amazing sounding podcast episodes. We will go step-by-step in Adobe Audition (Alternatively: Audacity FREE software) so that you know what buttons to click and why you are clicking them. This is most people’s biggest obstacle in starting a podcast – it won’t be yours.

Absolutely, all our hands on training has recorded version and I’ll give you a lifetime access for all the walk-through videos once you grab this mentorship progam.

Not necessarily. You can go through the complete course using only the free options I recommend. However, some of the process will be shown using paid software, such as Adobe Audition. There are free alternatives to the software and the process will be very similar but the exact process will be shown in Audition because, I think it is the best. All the other pieces of software I mention in this course can be used for free, but they may have limited functionality on the free version.  

No doubt! The mentorship program will walk you through the step-by-step, the entire process and the supplemental items included here. We’ll make sure your podcast is in the best possible position for success.

Like what I said in this mentorship program, if you are getting into podcasting to make a lot of money, you are getting into it for the wrong reasons. I will show you all the ways you can make money on podcasting but, I can’t guarantee that you will ever make a penny from it. Making money from podcasting is all about increasing your listeners. Get more listeners and implement what I teach in this course and the chances that you will make money on podcasting will certainly increase. 

I wish I could but I can’t. But, if you follow the process and guidance given in this mentorship program. It will absolutely increase the likelihood of success but, I do not guarantee it. 

Sure, you can get a refund within 14 days of purchasing the the program if you think it sucks. Just send me an email at podcast@jaychristteves.com with the subject line “Refund” and we can talk through the process. I don’t expect to be getting many email on this topic though because the course will be super valuable! Please read the refund policy for more details.

There is no better time to start a podcast than right now. It’s still like the gold rush of bloggers was back in 2007-2010 and there are tons of niches still yet to be claimed but, they are getting snatched up quickly. In other words there’s a lot of white space to be fill-in. Grab yours!

Sure, send me an email at podcast@jaychristteves.com with the subject line “Do It For Me” and we can talk through the options.

ONE TIME OFFER EXPIRING TODAY (UNTIL MIDNIGHT)Want me to walk through everything with you? You don’t have to do this alone, let’s schedule 2-hour call, at a time and date that’s most convenient for you, and let’s deep dive into the areas you need a little bit more hands on help with. I’ll show you everything I’ve learned launching a successful podcast as a one man show so, I know you can do it too. Schedule a FREE 120 Minutes Strategy Session below. Do you have more questions? email me at podcast@jaychristteves.com

Enrollment is on-going…

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