The Hidden Value of Rejection

By Jaychrist Teves

For every creative, the worse scenario that we don’t like to happen is to be rejected. We like to be the best of our works. We try to please our client or others as much as possible. We put so many efforts on our works just to gained their trust and confidence for us.

It’s a good thing and it’s healthy knowing that there is so much competition in this kind of industry. But, I hate the fact that many of us don’t know the value of rejection and even the ability to say these two lettered word “NO”. It cannot only apply to designs pitching but, especially to life in general. 

In all honesty, I’ve been there before a thousand times and looking forward to being rejected again. Why? It’s the reality that every designer and creative needs to be accepted, as we go throughout this so-called disruptive generation. 

There are tons of things I learned from rejection and love to share it for you. Here are some of my favorite learning:

Lesson Number 1

Failure is just part of the process. I completely understand that we can’t be good at the first pitch, we need to iterate ourselves over and over again. Rejections are just part of the process it will halt us quite sometimes but, it’s our ability to choose if we want to keep moving forward.

Lesson Number 2

Giving your best shots is more than enough. It’s plain and simple, put your heart out and hard work on any of your engagement. People will probably don’t take you seriously when you say “I did my best.” Because we all know that we have different standards and perspective.

I believe people are a critic in nature and it only shows that we have different taste. The only things that it matters for them are how you give value to them through your works and contributions.

Lesson Number 3

Value is everything. Even though you have so much money in the bank or you have everything you wanted in this world. But, you don’t find any time to reach out to everyone or to encourage someone.

Every work you do is nothing if you can’t provide genuine value to others. It’s not always the idea or a great user interface. If you don’t have money to share. Give them your time and passion. Eventually, people will take you seriously more and there’s no greater feeling in this world to be help someone who in need.

“Make rejection as your training ground, not your reason to quit.”

Thank you so much for reading once again and for your love and support. 

Stay awesome,


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