Last Updated – June 2020

Jaychrist Teves is a proud Filipino designer, creative entrepreneur, maker of functional and meaningful experiences, and the Owner & Founder of Think Digital PH. Originally born in bustling Manila, but was raised in Southern Shore of Manila Bay, Philippines (Silang, Cavite).

On top of that, he is a devoted dad and a husband in real-life that is just enthusiastic about cycling, basketball and this so-called progress in life.

Jaychrist’s has a different journey than most. He started his creative journey after working in some shitty jobs like working in a factory (he respect the job, the people he worked with, and he do not intend to degrade people.) He calls it shitty because of the poor work environment, he worked there under poor conditions, and with low-income. After realizing that his health and happiness were more important, he left the job with a 2000 pesos ($40) money on his pocket that he used to send his self to college, and took his degree in computer science, while working his ass off to build his creative design business as a side hustle. 

Fast forward after a few years, through a ton of courage and hard work, Jaychrist is now a designer, founder, speaker, mentor, and maker of meaningful experiences from print to digital products.

With over ten (10) years of design and brand experience, Jaychrist had the privilege of developing products and services for companies such as Envato, Happy Orange Project, Priority Consultants, RVPRCO, Brainhub, Bodies.tv, Walkthrough, Personiv, Dilate Digital, PayStaff, RemitAU, and thousands of different niches of brands, businesses, and companies around the world.

To his parents delight, Jaychrist has been lucky enough to be featured on a number of well known events, organisations and publications such as Impact Hackathon: Batangas, 1st Hack Manila 2018, Filipino Freelancers with Australian Client (FFAC), Creative Manila – Portfolio of the week, Logo Daily by Creato, Fomolist – Filipino Tech & Business and Hustle to Freedom Podcast.

Jaychrist is also the former co-founder of DesignPlusHub, the first creative space sharing community in Cavite, Philippines and currently Chief Creative Lead & Co-founder of Think Digital Philippines  — a full-stack creative & marketing startup agency based in the Southern Shore of Manila Bay, PH. Relentlessly designing and building purposeful experiences for brands and digital products while mentoring others who are striving to be the BETTER versions of themselves Book a Free consultation today.

Aside from the daily grind, Jaychrist shares his personal thoughts about essentialism, creativity, design (UX), and productivity in his personal newsletter, a blog reaching thousands of creatives each month. He also hosts The Design Life Show (TDLS) — a personal talk-based podcast, aiming to spark an interesting conversation with creatives, makers, builders and hustlers. It’s basically designed to share knowledge, inspire and contribute to the community in an interesting way.

Jaychrist is one of the most positive people who you’ll meet and it is the reason why he is successfully chasing his dreams while helping others.

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