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TDLS is a no BS talk-based podcast that helps and inspire creatives in pursuing their passion.

Filipino Designer Jaychrist Teves, best known for being an advocate of Essentialism and Optimism, sits down with awesome humans to talk about their journey, their process and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Please subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

“You'll definitely learn a lot of things FROM ALL THE episodes, very helpful and what a great resource.”


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For a limited time you can get access to the exclusive 7 Days Email Course On Boosting Your Creative Confidence. These techniques gives a never-seen look at how I design my career & business from ground up.

Simply leave a review for the podcast on Apple Podcasts, take a screenshot & send it to hi@jaychristteves.com & I’ll reply with access to the contents. Easy as that! 

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Are you struggling to get things done? Submit your question to be answered on the podcast. Each episode Jaychrist will play selected questions & with the help of that week’s guest we’ll give meaningful advice.

Record an audio using your phone (Not more than 2 minutes) and send it to podcast@jaychristteves.com.

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