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Hi, It’s me Jaychrist and I’m a proud Filipino designer and maker of functional and meaningful experiences. Originally born in Manila, PH, and was raised in Southern Shore of Manila Bay, Philippines (Silang, Cavite). 🇵🇭 

I’m tired of following the status quo so I decided to redesign my life in my own ways and challenge the normal way of thinking. I want to help & inspire you to live a meaningful, & a creative life to design the life you really deserve. 👉 Learn about my story.

Host of The Design Life Show Podcast, Jaychrist Teves

Reasons why I do what I do..

Bradley Bussolini of Busollini.com

His contributions in design and creative thinking have stood out as unique. He takes great pride in his work, and...read more

Bradley Bussolini

Creative Director at Bussolini.com
Ryan Helms of Grit and Hustle Co

Finding someone with talent that is also genuinely a good person is like finding a unicorn... read more

Ryan Helms

Co-founder at Legacy Podcasting

Audrey Graziano of Happy Orrange Project

Jaychrist is a very giving individual who was able to receive feedback and create the design that we were looking for....read more

Audrey Graziano

Co-founder at Happy Orange Project
Pascal Wagner of Walkthrough

Loved working with Jay! He turned things around really quickly and was exactly what we were looking for!...read more

Pascal Wagner

Chief Executive Officer at Walkthrough
George Solomides of GIOS Digital Ltd

I have collaborated with Jaychrist on one new project and he has been a gentleman throughout... read more

George Solomides

Project Consultant at GIOS Digital Ltd

I worked closely with..

And 10,000+ brands and businesses around the world.

Talks and online featured..

Aside from the daily grind, I also enjoy sharing my learnings and experiences about design (UX), business and personal progress (life). I’ve presented at a number of meetups, business schools, organizations, companies and I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on a number of well known publications as well.

Jaychrist Teves doing one of his workshops

I spoke at..

I was featured in..

I speak my own truth..

I share coffee (and occasionally beer) with designers, creative professionals, creative entrepreneurs, niche experts & other creative individuals to understand how they made things happen. With over 18,000+ listens (as of July 20, 2020), 8X Top-200 most listened Podcasts on iTunes (PH) in education category, Audience in 50 countries worldwide, and 5% download increase per month, these personal-talk based podcasts, & candid conversations have helped to inspire thousands of listeners to get started on their own creative & business path. Visit the podcast here.

I founded a startup..

The startup I’m currently building is go by the name Think Digital PH this is composed of proud filipino experts, specialists, result nerds, and fully remote team. We are proud that we are all passionate on helping every local businesses to create the life they really deserve, whether through creating more meaningful contents, engaging website that provide results for their business or a functional and good looking eCommerce to boost their presence online. Book a FREE strategy session today.

I have an upcoming book..

The book that I’m currently writing is a result of 10+ years of my expertise and practical experiences that enabled me to design my life. This book embodied the power of turning challenges into opportunities. We all know that we have all these limitations in this world we live in but, a lot of people don’t know how to turn these into something impactful not only with our own life but, for the people around us. I strongly believe that when we can recognize those limitations that’s the time when we can turn that into opportunities. Take a look here.

I write from the heart..

I love writing as much designing, my blog is a collection of progressive thoughts dip with faith and positive outlook circling around the topics of essentialism, creativity and design. I’m writing for thousands of readers every month, just right for your daily grind. You’ll enjoy it, Learn something new today.

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