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Loved working with Jay! He turned things around really quickly and was exactly what we were looking for! more

Pascal Wagner

Chief Executive Officer at Walkthrough

Jaychrist is a very giving individual who was able to receive feedback and create the design that we were looking more

Audrey Graziano

Co-founder at Happy Orange Project

Finding someone with talent that is also genuinely a good person is like finding a unicorn... read more

Ryan Helms

Chief Side Hustler at Grit and Hustle Co

I have collaborated with Jaychrist on one new project and he has been a gentleman throughout... read more

George Solomides

Project Consultant at GIOS Digital Ltd

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Aside from the daily grind, I also enjoy sharing my learnings and experiences about design (UX), business and personal progress (life). I’ve presented at a number of meetups, business schools and I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on a number of well known publications as well.

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I write from the heart..

I love writing as much designing, my blog is a collection of progressive thoughts dip with faith and positive outlook circling around the topics of essentialism,  creativity and design. I’m writing for over 100’s readers every Week, just right for your Monday Hustles. You’ll enjoy it, Learn something new today.