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This year I’m lazer-focus on creating more meaningful contents for the community. Since I already built my new studio (and I thanked everyone who helped out). Today, I need your help to keep TDLS podcast running and 100% ad-free for everyone. Who likes an ad that’s irrelevant to the content you’re listening, reading and/or watching? It’s annoying, right? That’s why, I retain these ways for you to support me.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a website that allows people who create stuff — like The Design Life Show Podcast — to build their own Subscription service, allowing my audience to contribute on a per-episode basis.

I’m asking my community to contribute $10 or atleast 600 pesos to help me keep doing what I’m passionate at. And to create more better & meaningful contents, help everyone grow and live a meaningful creative life today and beyond.


The Design Life Show (TDLS) is a personal (or remote) talk-based podcast, aiming to spark an interesting conversation with creatives, makers, builders, and hustlers. It’s basically designed to share knowledge, inspire and contribute to the community in an interesting way. My mission is to help Filipino creatives to pursue their passion and purpose, and so they can live a meaningful and creative life.

The podcast is now available 100% ad-free at major podcasts directories such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music via Audible, SoundCloud, Stitcher, TuneIn or in any of your favorite podcasting app. You can also check it online at www.thedesignlifeshow.com.


It’s me Jaychrist, a Devoted Father & Husband, a Curious 100% Filipino Creative Entrepreneur, and Maker of Meaningful and Functional Experiences, living in the Southern Shores of Manila Bay (Silang, Cavite). I created this podcast for the very reason that I’m tired of click-bait AF! For the sake of clicks, likes & views we’ve sold ourselves short. I’m on a crazy mission on creating more meaningful contents that matters. I like to create more cool new stuff 100% ad-free for everyone (specially for the Filipino Creative Community) to help them grow and live a meaningful creative life.


Until now, the only way to support my message is by sharing it on everyone to reach more people — which have been great, and I’m not complaining about that, I also got some help for the equipment I’m using from my very close knit family — but your support will actually help me improve my podcast by improving audio quality, adding more video element for my contents, and bringing more non-BS, awesome and special guests onto the podcast.

I don’t take money from advertisers because, I strongly believe that products and experiences must be meaningful, honest and invaluable. Most importantly, they can genuinely help people in anyway (I only talk about the products I experiences and used in a day-to-day basis). In relation with my values and beliefs I still want my content ad-free for my readers and listeners but, let’s be honest I still need money to make these happen. So, it also means that I need your help and support so, I can do more cool new stuff, helps everyone grow, and live a meaningful creative life.


You’ll notice two objectives on my support page:

1. HOME STUDIO IMPROVEMENT!  This allow me to give more value and interact with everyone live on air, improve audio quality, and bring more awesome guests on the show. It will also help me to pursue my passion and get paid on doing the works that matters to me.

2. KEEP IT RUNNING! When you keep supporting my mission by becoming one of the contributor, it’ll help me to produce more content 100% ads-free for everyone, specially for the Filipino Creative Community.


Are you willing to be part of this crazy mission and help me to create something meaningful? If so, visit my Patreon by clicking here and be part of this journey (or you can send me a gratitude email via [email protected]). All support will really help the podcast, the hosting cost of it and your name will also be placed in the special thanks area of the website. How cool is that? (Okay! Not that cool. lol)

No pressure! you can contribute any amount you want.

I publish podcast episode 100% ad-free for the community (interview or on solo format), your support allows me to publish more episodes completely free.

If you can’t afford to contribute monetarily, you can follow or leave a short and honest review for the podcast via Apple Podcasts or anywhere you listen to podcast. Your feedback and follow’s will greatly help me to be able to discovered within the podcast ecosystem and to reach more amazing human beings.

Nonetheless, if you support me and the optimistic messages I put out there, that’s more than enough and it’s mean a world to me. So, thanks a TON!

With love and gratitude, 


Support Jaychrist by contributing ₱600 ($10) or more