Don’t Be Too busy. Be Productive Instead

By Jaychrist Teves

I always hear this from people “I’m sorry. I’m too busy for this shit.” But always has time to scroll on their newsfeed.

Always has time to post on Twitter. Always distracted, by their social means. If I have to be honest,

Someone will hurt if I say upfront — Don’t be too busy. Be productive instead.

There is always a fine line between being busy from being productive. Being busy is an excuse for being productive. I know the time when you have this super great idea that can change the world, but lost in the wild while scrolling on your over-saturated feed.

So today, I’ll share some tips and tricks to be productive. You don’t need to have the whole day or the rest of your life to do this. Even you have a 10 – 5 job still, you can be productive.

And please, stop saying you are busy from some shit. I’ll never buy that.

N1. Get a physical notepad for your to-do list and great ideas

Stop using your digital notes, I mean it’s not bad unless you don’t have that Alt + Tab keys on your keyboard.

Digital notes are good but a physical notebook or journal that you can carry everywhere is great. Make a habit to list down your ideas, what things you need to do on bulleted points then review it at the end of the day.

N2. Design your day to day workflow

Do you get up at 5 AM? or do you like to get up and be lazy until 10 AM? Ask yourself, if you like to scroll on your feeds until 10 then it’s not a good workflow. And if you have a 10 – 5 job, after faking your busy day. Roll your sleeves and do the things you like to do after it. It’s not always balanced, that’s the nature of this new Economy. But, saying you’re too busy for the things you like is not an excuse. Make it happen because no one will do it for you.

N3. Shift your mindset

If someone told you that, take your job seriously so you can be promoted and be on the top list. Then, you got excited instantly, this tip is not for you. But, if someone challenges you and you accepted it very eagerly without that shining and shimmering prices. And giving your best value without being recognized is called doing what you love. The feeling is priceless. Believe me.

N4. Focus on your goals

Don’t overthink too much but always take a step for your goals. Take action every minute of your time and hope for a greater tomorrow. Not, everyone can do this but everyone can start it. If it fails then try it again next time.

Do not hesitate to make something for yourself improvement or for your own happiness.

N5. Give value onto others

I understand, time is gold and we will never bring that back. But, legacy is greater than currency. If you have a 6 figures monthly income, none of this will matter if you can’t give value to anyone. Everyone is running to reach that top. Some will care and some will not. But, don’t be like them. You can be anything. But, always be kind.

“Don’t go through life. Instead, grow through life.”

Have an awesome week!

Stay awesome,


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