Push Yourself Further

By Jaychrist Teves

Be a fear-proof individual rather than being a future-proof professional.

That’s what I realized back then after I made a choice to jump ship from my shitty job as a factory worker to continue my college degree while side hustling my way on creating my creative design business inside a corporate world (Believe me, I literally crawl from ground up.) and I’m glad I didn’t give up on the unconventional path that I am taking.

You just need to take action and push yourselves further.

Now, after bootstrapping two startups, conducted decent numbers of workshops, interviewing some of the smartest action takers on my podcast and worked with great clients around the world. I’m ready to share more of what I have specially to the local community.

I want to help everyone grow, to live a meaningful and creative life. I know it’s cheesy but, I’m excited about this crazy mission AF. The creative revolution is really happening and this is the best time of our life, to take actions and make these things happen.

How the hell I am able to do that? This is where you come in. Help me. So, I can help you!

To make these happen, one of the best way I know is through education. I learned that educating yourself is the real key to overcome all the noises inside or outside our heads. It’s not just a theory, it was based from the past 8 years of my experiences. It’s the best way to make an impact in any area of your life. You’ll be surprised.

A courageous act will keep you moving forward.

In relation to that, I launched my exclusive workshops limited to 20 positive individuals only (for now). If you’re interested let me know by visiting Signup and I’ll give you the complete details it’s not for everyone but, it’ll be definitely for someone who want’s to take actions today and push themselves further.

Highly recommended for aspiring creatives, small business owners or even a seasoned creative professionals. Don't just take my word check it here: I’ll promise it’ll be a great and awesome experience for everyone!

PS: If you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot me a message or email me at [email protected] I tend to reply within minutes see for yourself. #getthingsdone

Stay awesome and see you all soon!

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